www.minumo.com Minumo small serving board from oak for tapas and bread cheese plate
Gourmet food on nordic minimal serving boards from estonain design brand Minumo in sunshine
Minumo modern small serving boards from oak wood in scandinavian dining room

FOLD (S) serving board from Oak .

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FOLD is made of precious wood in minimalist design. This serves as a simple plate for everyday meal and definitely looks great as a tapas platter. You can use both sides, according to your need. One fold helps to keep the food safetly on board and the other way around is easy to lift it. It's just perfect as a cheese and butter board. FOLD is not only a functional kitchen item but also a beautiful detail in any kitchen.

Small (S) - 180x140 mm

Material: Solid Oak 
Finishing: Linseed Oil
Produced in Estonia

Treat your new serving board with love. Clean with a wet cloth and mild soap and remember to dry it with a kitchen towel. Always wet both front and back side to avoid subsequent warping. Never soak or clean in dishwasher. Re-oil it regularly.
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