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PLIKS-PLAKS wooden trivet from Thermo-Ash .

PLIKS-PLAKS wooden trivet from Thermo-Ash .

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Modern trivet PLIKS-PLAKS doesn't only function as a beautiful table setting, but also protects surfaces from heat. PLIKS-PLAKS is made of precious wood, and is a set of two wooden blocks. You can use these as a cross under a hot coffee pot or separately for larger pots and pans. They fold up easily and can be stored away in your utensil holder. Minimalist and practical.

Dimensions: 170x170 mm
Material: Thermo-Ash (black)
Finishing: Mineral Oil
Produced in Estonia
Clean with a damp cloth and avoid soaking in water and do not put it in the dishwasher. Oil it with a natural oil after a few years if necessary.

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